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History of KMF

The Kristine Meza Foundation was organized in response to a tragic event that occurred on February 11, 2011. Kristine Meza fell victim to domestic violence. She was ambushed in her driveway on her way to work by her estranged ex-boyfriend. As a result, a group of individuals united to embark on a mission in hopes of making a difference for those who feel locked in silence. KMF was born September 2011. Our goal is to host an annual 5K Run/Walk in order to raise more awareness on the issue and impact of domestic violence. Along with hosting an annual 5K to generate awareness, KMF’s goal is also to recruit as many support members and offer resources for help.

Kristine was 25 years old at the time of her passing. She had just been accepted into the SAC nursing program. The oldest of four siblings, Kristine continually strived to do good and set an example for her younger sisters. Born and raised in Laredo raised by a single mother, Kristine encountered many struggles and obstacles in pursuit of her dream. Kristine met each obstacle with faith and trust in God along with her positive attitude. A fine quality to possess and Kristine possessed it well. She always saw the glass has half full instead of half empty, always found the good in something negative and always wanted to help no matter where you stood with her. In her case, you could only stand on her good side; Kristine was a peacemaker and held no animosity towards anyone. Her confidence in each struggle gave her the advantage to be successful. When Kristine realized she was in a violent relationship, she ended it but still wanted to proceed with caution unsure of what he was capable of and at the same time wanting to help him.

Mission Statement

The Kristine Meza Foundation’s Mission is to raise awareness in our community on the impact of domestic violence. The foundation is committed to strengthen individuals by education, compassion and courage. To serve as a resource to those associated with its physical, emotional and mental harm and by doing so, preventing the loss of wholesome lives.


  • February 2012 – KMF created the first  5K Run/Walk to raise awareness of domestic violence.
  • June 2013 – KMF announced a partnership with Family Violence Prevention Services Inc. to host a run called “The first Purple Run” on October 26,2013.
  • August 2013 – KMF initiated their first online fundraiser which raised over $3,000 for the Kristine Meza Scholarship.